embrace testimonials


"Louellen and I met several years ago at one of our first Breast Cancer Rehabilitation continuing education courses.  Louellen's passion about our role as physical therapists in the field of Breast Cancer Recovery became more evident with each conversation we had.  She is passionate about the importance of a full body approach to recovery that includes
not only manual therapy techniques to restore mobility and regain strength but the nutritional aspect as well.  As an owner of a physical therapy practice, that specializes in women recovering from Breast Cancer, I knew Louellen would be a perfect fit for our office! 

Although my office is not geographically desirable for her, she has since covered several shifts for me.  Every patient that she treated over the past two years has raved about,
not only her knowledge about this specialized field, but her dynamic approach to recovery. 

Louellen is one of the most highly motivated, compassionate, and caring women I know. 
Anyone who crosses Louellen's path will find themselves in the hands of an angel."

Diana Tjaden PT, DPT, ATC

Owner of Full Circle Physical Therapy